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BES3 Collaboration Information
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Conference : The 6th International Workshop on Charm Physics (Charm2013)
Conference Time: 2013-08-31 to 2013-09-04
Conference Location: Manchester, England
Number of Reports: 9
No.ReporterReport TitleReport Type
1Yangheng ZhengMeasurements using quantum-correltated charm mesonsPlenary
2Changzheng YuanNew results on X,Y,Z states from e+e- collider experimentsPlenary
3Jingzhi ZhangExperimental overview of charmonium spectroscopyPlenary
4Zhonghua Qinstatus and prospects for BESIII Plenary
5Xiao-Rui LyuStrong phase in D0-> Kpi decay and y_cp measurements from CP-tagged D0 semileptonic decays at BESIII Plenary
6Zhiqing Liua Special focus session on Z(3900) (to cover BES and CLEO)Plenary
7Zhiqiang Liu Study of Charmonium decays at BESIIIParallel
8Chengdong FuD Dalitz analysis at BESIII Parallel
9Olga BondarenkoRecent Results on Isospin-Violating Transitions in Charmonium studied with BESIIIParallel