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Conference : 7th International Workshop on Charm Physics (CHARM 2015)
Conference Time: 2015-05-17 to 2015-05-23
Conference Location: Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, USA
Number of Reports: 14
No.ReporterReport TitleReport Type
1Mihajlo KornicerCharmonium and exotics at BESIII (plenary)Plenary
2Hailong MaD Leptonic and semi-leptonic decaysPlenary
3Hajime MuramatsuHadronic decays of charmed mesonsPlenary
4Xiao-Rui LyuLambda_c decaysPlenary
5Yangheng Zheng Future prospects for charm physics at BES III and beyond Plenary
6Peter Weidenkaff D0 to KsKK and D to omega pi Parallel
7Fenfen AnSemileptonic D-decays at BESIIIParallel
8Vindhyawasini Prasad XYZ radiative transitions (Parallel)Parallel
9Jianming BianHadronic Transitions above 4 GeV at BESIIIParallel
10Ronggang PingStudies of Charmonium at BESIIIParallel
11Yi FangDD-bar shapeParallel
12Onur AlbayrakMixing/coherence in D mesonsParallel
13Minggang ZhaoD rare/forbidden decaysParallel
14Vindhyawasini PrasadSearch for di-muon decays of a low-mass Higgs boson in the radiative decay of $J/\psi$Parallel