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BES3 Collaboration Information
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Conference : An international workshop on QCD exotics (QCD-exotics2015)
Conference Time: 2015-06-08 to 2015-06-12
Conference Location: Shandong University, Jinan, China
Number of Reports: 4
No.ReporterReport TitleReport Type
1Yuping Guo News on Zc states (neutral Zc, Zc to open charm, ...)Plenary
2Ke Li X states (Observation of psi(3D2), search for Y(4140), X(3872), ...)Plenary
3Jielei Zhang Y states (e+e- to omega chi_c, KKJ/psi, eta J/psi, eta'J/psi, pi0pi0J/psi, ...)Plenary
4Weimin Songe+e- to Lambda_c pair(line shape and absolute BR)Plenary