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Conference : 8th International Workshop on Charm Physics (Charm 2016) (CHARM 2016)
Conference Time: 2016-09-05 to 2016-09-09
Conference Location: Bologna, Italy
Number of Reports: 18
No.ReporterReport TitleReport Type
1Gang RongLeptonic, semi-leptonic and rare decays at BESIIIPlenary
2Jake BennettAmplitude analyses (BESIII and B factories)Plenary
3Minggang ZhaoCP Violation, Mixing and non-leptonic decays at BESIIIPlenary
4Yutie LiangCharmonium and Exotics Production and Spectroscopy at BESIIIPlenary
5Xiao-Rui LyuOverview on charm baryons decays (BESIII, LHCb, ...)Plenary
6Xiaoyan ShenBESIII prospectsPlenary
7Fengyun LiSearch for low-mass new physics at BESIIIParallel
8Binlong WangHadronic decays of Lamda_cParallel
9Jingyi ZhaoNon-DD-bar decays of psi(3770)Parallel
10Wenjing ZhengMeasurements of CP asymmetries of D+ to KS/L XParallel
11Yu LuAmplitude analysis of D0 to K-pi+pi+pi- and measurements of D two body decaysParallel
12Zhenglei DouStudy of D0(+) -> P (P=Peudecalor) e+ nu at BESIIIParallel
13Guang ZhaoDs physics at BESIIIParallel
14Elisa FioravantiStudies of charmonium decays at BESIIIParallel
15Ronggang PingRadiative transitions above 4 GeV at BESIIIParallel
16Liang YanHadronic transitions above 4 GeV at BESIIIParallel
17Jianbin JiaoStudy of decay psi(1S,2S) -> baryon pairsParallel
18Giulio MezzadriMeasurement of the relative phase between strong and electromagnetic decay amplitudes of Charmonia at BESIII Poster