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BES3 Collaboration Information
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Conference : 11th International workshop on e+e- collisions from Phi to Psi (PhiPsi 2017)
Conference Time: 2017-06-26 to 2017-06-29
Conference Location: Mainz, Germany
Number of Reports: 14
No.ReporterReport TitleReport Type
1Ronggang PingMultihadron event generatorsPlenary
2Christoph Redmergamma gamma physics at BESIIIPlenary
3Alaa DbeyssiBESIII: Baryon production at thresholdPlenary
4Xiaoshen KangLight quark physics at BESIIIPlenary
5Zhentian SunLatest results on XYZ physicsPlenary
6Wenbiao YanInclusive R measurement at BESIIIPlenary
7Martin RipkaISR form factor measurementsPlenary
8Brice GarillonThe cZDD project at BESIIIPoster
9Yuping GuoDark Photon Search at BESIII with ISR MethodPoster
10Zhiqing LiuSearch for the chi_c1 charmonium in direct e+e- productionPoster
11Martin RipkaImproved Limit for Gamma_ee of X(3872) and Gamma_ee Measurement of psi(3686)Poster
12Dong Liue+e- -> K+K-Poster
13Xingyu ZhouJ/psi parametersPoster
14Marco MaggioraCylindrical GEM Inner Tracker of BESIIIPoster