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BES3 Collaboration Information
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Conference : The 13th International Workshop on Heavy Quarkonium (QWG 2019)
Conference Time: 2019-05-13 to 2019-05-17
Conference Location: Torino, Italy
Number of Reports: 13
No.ReporterReport TitleReport Type
1Wolfgang GradlBESIII Future Plans Plenary
2Zhengyun YouNew Physics BSM Plenary
3Yateng ZhangCharmonium transitions at BESIII Plenary
4Frank NerlingSearch for charmoniumlike states decay into light hadrons Plenary
5Peilian LiRadiative Transitions above 4 GeVPlenary
6Bin WangVector charmonium / charmoniumlike statesPlenary
7Junhao YinNew results on X(3872) Plenary
8Ronggang PingNews on the Zc StatesPlenary
9Zhentian Sunetac decay BRs Plenary
10Xiongfei WangBaryon properties via charmonium decays Plenary
11Bo ZhengCharmonium rare decays at BESIIIPlenary
12Isabella GarziaCharmonium decays into light hadronsPlenary
13Haiming HuR ValuePlenary