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Conference : Hadron 2019 (Hadron 2019)
Conference Time: 2019-08-16 to 2019-08-21
Conference Location: Guilin,China
Number of Reports: 16
No.ReporterReport TitleReport Type
1Beijiang LiuLight meson spectroscopy at e+e- experiments Plenary
2Haiping PengRecent results of light hadron spectroscopy from BESIIIPlenary
3Xiaorong ZhouStudy of baryon form factors at BESIII Plenary
4Wenbiao YanStudy of phi(2170) at BESIII Plenary
5Jielei ZhangNew results of the vector charmoniumlike statesPlenary
6Kai Zhu New results of X(3872) Plenary
7Yue WangSemileptonic and leptonic charm decays atBESIII Plenary
8Pei-Rong Li Hadronic-charm decays at BESIIIPlenary
9Guangrui LiaoObservation of new charmonium decays Plenary
10YuMing Ma Light meson decays at BESIII Plenary
11Yuping Guo Experimental status of the XYZ structures Plenary
12Chengwei Wange+ e- -> Ks K pi pi0 / Ks K pi eta cross section measurementsPoster
13Lianjin WuObservations of hc->hadrons Poster
14Junhao YinSearch for the decay Zc±→ρ±ηcPoster
15Qixin Li e+e- -> gamma X(3872) cross section measurementPoster
16Haiping PengPoster